Sunday, 6 May 2007

Today, Day 6 of diet!

Had a bit of a lie in this morning, got up at 10ish.
We have got a council inspection on tuesday evening for a possible transfer to a bigger place, so today was CLEAN EVERYTHING day lol So ive been very busy scrubbing everything i can find! & its now 6.30pm & im still not finished! Got tons id like to get done.
The good news is I have got straight back on the wagon after my slip last night! I hope i didnt wreak everything though as its my weigh in day on tuesday!

Today i have had:

a banana shake for breakie

a veg soup for lunch

for tea im going to attempt making truffles out of a vanilla pack!

so far ive had 1 & half litres of water but im going to have LOTS more i promise! lol

Yesterday! Day 5 of diet! (Saturday)

I never had time to post yesterday!
Heres how the day went!!
So i am meant to be going out tonight with 2 friends, but i cant drink or eat!! How the heck do you go to a bar a buy water??
I went into town to try to get an outfit. I couldnt find ANYTHING!! I got some lovely black trousers that fitted really well & that was IT! so i got home & waited for my mom to drop the girls home (they had stayed at hers that night) & went to tesco. Got a lovely smock top & a long necklace & a bit of shopping.
Got ready & felt really nice about myself, then my friends arrived!! both wearing bearly a thing!! One of them had lost 5 stone over the last year or so which is great & i am proud of her BUT she was dressed like a ho!! she had a mini mini miniiii skirt on & thigh high boots! I say no more! lol
The night was rubbish realllly rubish! & i felt so awkward buying water that i ended up having 1 bottle of WKD to try to make myself feel more into it! but it didnt & im soooooo disapointed with myself that i have spoilt my diet! grrr!! In the end i was home by midnight & very pissed off!

So yesterday i had:

Banana shake for breakfast
Strawberry shake for lunch
Banana shake made into porrige with physilium husks.
3 litres of water AND 1 WKD :-(

Friday, 4 May 2007

(Friday) Day 1 of Blog, Day 4 of diet!

Its Friday!!! Yay the weekend is here! The only trouble with that though is usually on a Friday night we have a take away! And today has been incredibly hard, the hardest day so far!

Let me explain a little more about the diet I am doing. I am doing the cambridge diet (CD) & that involves having 3 food packs a day & LOT of water. The food packs are powdered shakes or soups, ready made shakes & bars. They don't taste amazing but they are ok! I also have to have at least 2 litres of water a day & NOTHING else! Following this plan you can expect to lose a stone a month!

Today i Have had:

A Banana ready made shake.

A Banana normal shake (banana theme today lol)

And tonight i tried making a Muffin with one of my chocolate packs but it turned out more like runny poo! & was mingin! lol

& 2 litres of water so far!

I really need some help tonight though cos im still starving & water isnt helping!! IM CRAVING a chinese lol.

See you tomorrow!